Master of Art is the first international Film Festival on the Balkans for art documentaries. Presenting the best documentaries produced and released after 1.1.2015 in the field of music and dance, theatre and cinema, visual arts and photography, architecture and design, and literature, the MofA Film Festival aims to introduce the contemporary trends to the Bulgarian audience.

The mission of MofA Film Festival is to provide an alternative that defies pop culture content by presenting documentaries – independent films and television productions, to create a venue for professionals in the field of documentary, music, dance, theatre, visual arts, photography, architecture and literature to meet and contribute to mutual dialogue and cooperation. To establish itself as a forum that provides an opportunity for young art school talents to further develop and stimulate their creative performance.

  • Master of Art Film Festival is organised by: Spotlight production company, The National Palace of Culture and “Master of Art” foundation.
  • The festival funds are raised by participation fees, financial subsidies, donations, sponsorship and advertising.
  • The second edition of the festival will be held from 20 to 30 April 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria – Cinema Lumiere and Cinema Odeon.



Documentaries about music, composers and musicians – opera, classical, folk, jazz, pop, rock and for dancers, choreographers and dancers – classical ballet, folk, traditional and contemporary dance.


Documentaries about theater, acting challenges on the scene, notable filmmakers and actors.


Documentaries on artists and sculptures from different eras, galleries and exhibitions, photographers and photo.


Documentaries for architects, designers, architectural achievements, historic buildings, interior design past and present.


Documentaries for writers, poets, and / or their works.


This section has a separate prize and the videos are not competing with the movies in the other sections.


This section has a separate prize and not competing with the movies and videos in the other category.


Documentaries about contemporary art, art installations and protest art.


  • Best documentary in Architecture and Design:
    Sebastian Errazuriz: Monologues In The Artist Studio
    Director: Palu Abadia
    The jury has decided to award the prize for best Architecture and Design documentary to “Sebastian Errazuriz: Monologues in the Artist’s studio”. Sebastian Errazuriz is a power plant who makes masterful and inventive art at a fast pace. The director Palu Abadia gets close to this in his intelligent film. It is edited in a rhythm that matches the creative process perfectly.
  • Best documentary in Music And Dance:
    Presenting Princess Shaw
    Director: Ido Har
    The jury has awarded the prize for best documentary in the category of Music and Dance to Presenting Princess Shaw. In a touching way the film shows how a true sense of music can change the life of a genuine but lonely artist not expecting to become a star. We see how a professional composer can influence a destiny and make a dream come true. A unique talent is recognized in the ocean of YouTube.
  • Best documentary in Theatre and cinema:
    S for Stanley
    Director: Alex Infascelli
    It is a both funny and moving story about a long lasting and deep friendship between two people who could not differ more: the famous director Stanley Kubrick and his personal driver.
  • Best documentary in Literature:
    Vita Activa: The Spirit Of Hannah Arendt
    Director: Ada Ushpiz
    The jury has awarded the prize for best film in the category of Literature to “Viva Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt”. In addition to the quality of the production, there is an in-depth and clear understanding of her philosophical theory about good and evil. The quality of the overall research and relevance of the archive material is of the highest order.
  • Best documentary in Fine Art And Photography:
    David Lynch The Art Life
    Director: Jon Nguyen and Rick Barns Olivia Neergaard-Holm
    The jury has awarded the Fine Arts and Photography prize to a film that unfolds in intriguing scenes the peculiar mind of both an outstanding and enigmatic artist. Through intimate, however sometimes dark stories, it gives a profound understanding of the sources of his art and his unique world.
  • Best documentary in Video Art And Advertising
    A Love Story
    Director: Anushka Nanayakkara
    The prize for best Video Art and Art Advertising is awarded to “The Love Story”. The jury was touched and fascinated by this student film where a truthful story is told by two animated rigged puppets going directly into the depts of human relationship.
  • Best documentary in Contemporary art, Instalation Art, Protest Art :
    Paris Tower 13
    Director: Thomas Lalier
    The jury has awarded the prize for best documentary in the category of Architecture and Design to “Paris Tower 13”. The film is a brilliant exposition of collaboration and of the diversity of street art at its very best. We get a unique view behind the scenes of a vibrant contemporary art-form that is otherwise often executed after hours. The jury especially commands the creativity of the artists when working in three-dimensional spaces.
  • Best Storytelling in Video games
    Firewatch; Campo Santo
    This unconventional game combines strong story, beautiful natural surroundings and fantastically written and played characters about a lonely fire watcher who chose to live in the wilderness far away from any kind of civilization. Firewatch consists essentially of two people talking over radios to one another. You play a chubby guy in his forties talking to, a woman of a similar age who you never see. Along the quest, their relationship deepens, becomes more intimate.
  • Best visual in Video Games
    Ori and the Blind Forest; Moon Studio
  • Grand Prize in: Video Games
    Inside; Playdead
  • Master of Bulgarian Art
    The Way to Thebes
    Director: Nikolay Vasilev
    The film that is awarded as Best Bulgarian Documentary reveals the inner struggle of an artist in post-communist Bulgaria. His search and his quest unfolds in precise scenes in combination with outstanding camera work.
  • Master of Short Art:
    Director: JR
    The jury has awarded the prize for Best Short documentary to “Ellis”. Through art, advanced cinematography, editing and not least color grading, the audience is given a chance to reflect. Firstly on the plight of immigrants arriving in New York City a 100 years ago. Secondly, on the many challenges of migration in the face of war in the world today.
  • BNT Award
    The Music of Strangers
    Director: Morgan Neville
    BNT has awarded a special prize for best documentary to The Music of… directed by Oscar winner Morgan Neville. The film shows how the prominent musician Yo Yo Ma brought together artists from different parts of the world to create a unique orchestra and a new universal sound. A story about how art connects people.
  • Most Beautiful Documentary
    I Claude Monet
    Director: Phil Grabski
  • Audience award Master Of Pop Art
    Director: Yana Titova
  • Special Jury Mention
    Ayham Ahmad – The pianist of Yarmouk
    Director: Gunter Atteln and Carmen Belaschk
    The jury has decided to give its award to “Ayham Ahmad – The pianist of Yarmouk”. We follow the generous musicality and life-changing destiny of a Palestinian pianist. Ayham Ahmad brings music to the refugee children of Syria and has his own struggle for a better life in a new country. Watching this, it is impossible not to be deeply moved.
  • Master of Art Award
    I go back Home: Jimmy Scott
    Director: Yoon Ha Change
    The jury has awarded the Grand Prix of this year’s Master of Arts Festival to a film that goes straight to the heart. It combines a fine way of storytelling with the mission, one can even say the obsession of one man to bringing justice to an icon and a voice.
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