Bulgaria (2020), 27 min.

Directed by Emil Christov and Kalin Searpionov

The film follows all the stages of the creation of the sculpture ” THE CARESS” (2018) by Oda Jaune. It is a cinematic image of the transcription of two creative processes – the documentary, which follows the artist, memorizing the distance of art to preservation. Through the impact of the black and white and the classic 4: 3 format, the film goes through the details of the work and the variety of matter, shapes, surfaces and sounds. They are not represented in the unfamiliar field of the official plastic image. The film is about the creative process, which lasts for 4 months with three cameras.

The film is focused on the construction of the work, its transformations and its peculiar “departure” – from the foundry in which it is made, to the specially selected by the author places for display.