Bulgaria 2018, 25 min.

Directed by Peter Vulchev

The movie is filmed for seven hours only, during the play “Swan lake” in Sofia Opera and Ballet in 2014. This is her last performance befor she retires. During this short time, filled with adrenaline and stress, Vesa Tonova makes the most sincere confession for her life. Her whole confession is filmed in her dressing room, during the intermission and between the scenes she doesn’t play in. There, in her lonely and cosy dressing room, immersed in memories and thoughts Vesa talks about herself, for what she has created and sacrificed, for her family and her fears that the end of her career is close.

In her own words – “I cannot play this ballet forever”. In these very intimate moments, when she shares her live with us, it seems like the time in her dressing room has stopped. The stress of the hard play “Swan lake” is left behind and for the first time the lead is Vesa and her life, not the “swan”.

Lumiere Lidl 13.04, 16:00
G8 18.04, 17:45
Euro Cinema 24.04, 18:00