Germany 2018, 52 min.

Directed by Anna Steuber

Goethe Institut

Agatha Christie is mostly defined by superlatives: she is the world’s most translated writer with a circulation of more than one billion copies and the founder of the modern British crime novel. Her heroes Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are known worldwide and her play “The Mousetrap” keeps breaking its own records year after year in terms of longevity and audience numbers.

But who is the woman behind the records? The film AGATHA CHRISTIE – THE QUEEN OF CRIME embarks on a biographical search for clues, portraying an iridescent personality whose biography and work were shaped by world events of the 20th century. For Agatha Christie was not only a disciplined worker, who wrote 66 novels, just as many short stories and 33 plays. She was also a woman who didn’t care about conventions, who loved music, dancing and international travel, and who liked to roller skate on the pier in Torquay. From early on, Agatha Christie’s parents encouraged her to be independent and she developed into a modern, emancipated woman who has never let herself be restricted by the rules of English society.

AGATHA CHRISTIE – THE QUEEN OF CRIME approaches its legendary protagonist in a very personal way: with the help of films and photos from the private archive of Agatha Christie, some of which she photographed and developed herself. Janet Morgen, Agatha Christie’s only authorised biographer and Agatha Christie expert Dr. John Curran tell of the most important stations in Agatha Christie’s eventful life. The author Sophie Hannah explains why the fascination with Hercule Poirot still remains unbroken and the archaeologist Dr. Charlotte Trümpler analyses the inestimable value of Agatha Christie’s archaeological work. French graphic novelists Anne Martinetti and Guillaume Lebeau explain why Agatha Christie was a thoroughly modern woman and the personal memories of Agatha Christie’s grandson Mathew Prichard and his son James Prichard complete the picture. AGATHA CHRISTIE – THE QUEEN OF CRIME not only paints a dazzling portrait of the greatest writer of the 20th century, but also tells of the social changes that have had a lasting impact on her life and work.

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