Russia (2018), 110 min.

Directed by Olesia Fokina

The film will tell about the tragic fate of Solzhenitsyn’s closest aides. His typist Elizabeth Voronyansky, philologist Irina Tomashevskaya, editor-in-chief of the “New World” Alexander Tvardovsky, etc. Exclusive footage of the writer’s move to his new country house in Trinity-Lykov. For almost three years, the author of the film, by fate, was staying in the house of the writer, making the film, with his permission. The film is full of unique materials from Russian and foreign ar- chives. Interview with Fazil Iskander, George Niva, messenger Solzhenitsyn during his work on the “Archipelago” Lisa Shi- povalnikov , the writer’s Confessor — father Victor, assistants and employees of Solzhenitsyn. his children and the writer’s widow.

Europe around Europe, Paris, France (2019)