France (2017), 52 min.

Directed by François Catonné

Produced by François Catonné, Didier Leclerc, The Prod

The Argentinean painter Antonio Segui has lived and worked in Paris since the 1960s. In his studio, he appears alone on the screen and speaks. I have been shooting 24 days spread over 2 years and a half, there is only the painter and me, the filmmaker (François Catonné)

I film each line of charcoal, each stroke of color, in an intimacy that only images can tell, as if suddenly the camera reveals to us only, the secret of painting. In “Le Mystère Picasso” the director Clouzot said: “To know what goes through the mind of a painter, just follow his hand”. That’s what I did.

Euro Cinema: 14.04, 20:45; 19.04, 17:30
G8: 17.04, 19:00; 28.04, 15:00
Lumier LIDL: 15.04, 15:00