Germany (2017), 98 min.

Directed by Marieke Schroeder

Produced by Marieke Schroeder, Thali Media, Christoph Fisser, Henning Molfenter, Charlie Woebcken, Studio Babelsberg.

Charles Schumann. The man behind the institution that is Schumann’s Bar, an author — his book ¨The American Bar¨ has long since become a global classic of bar literature — a model, a thinker and a traveler in bar matters. Having just turned 75, you might have thought that he has seen and done it all by now. The man from Lower Bavaria, who started off life as a border guard, did his training at the German Foreign Office, then spent the rest of his formative years working in clubs and bars in Southern France before finally heading to Munich to study Politics and opening Schumann’s American Bar in 1982

But 75 is just the right age to continue following his curiosity about life, people and their stories. And so Charles Schumann embarked on “BAR TALKS BY SCHUMANN”, touring some of the most interesting bars in the world, taking the viewer to places of longing, throwing the doors opens to, among others, the Dead Rabbit in New York, the Hemingway Bar in Paris, Havana’s El Floridita and the High Five Bar in Tokyo. He lets the bars tell their own stories and speaks to the people whose lives belong to the blue hour which they celebrate and enjoy. He meets bar flies, movers and shakers, and storytellers, constantly on the lookout for the the secrets of bar culture

During these conversations you begin to realize that each of these bars is its own little universe, with its own drama that is brought to life anew with each passing day. The cast varies depending on the time of day and day of the week, but a regular crew of actors guarantee a show. And the connoisseur knows which show is going to be staged

That’s why “BAR TALKS BY SCHUMANN” is not only a voyage of discovery to the bars of the world, but also takes us to the people who visit them and breathe life into them. A journey taking the audience through decades of the stylistic and contemporary history of the bars and their drinks — and also making them slightly better acquainted with Charles Schumann, the person.


  • Berlinale Culinary Cinema 2017.

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