Germany (2018), 90 min.

Directed by Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch

Nearly one hundred years ago, the tranquil city of Weimar was the unlikely birthplace of a radical artistic utopia: the Bauhaus. And its effects continue to shape our daily lives to this day. Released to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the documentary entitled BAUHAUS SPIRIT: 100 YEARS OF BAUHAUS tells us not just about art but also about contemporary history. Right from the beginning, the architects and artists of the Bauhaus, including Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, had some fundamental questions: How can people live together? What does “living together” even mean? How can living spaces be so designed as to ensure that everyone can participate in a life shared with others? With the Bauhaus, art, design and architecture were politicised for the first time. What emerged was an art of living spaces which embraced with equal enthusiasm ideas about everything from the right distance between toilet and bathtub to the design of the ideal chair. The documentary BAUHAUS SPIRIT: 100 YEARS OF BAUHAUS goes back to the genesis of the very first Bauhaus group around Walter Gropius, whose educational concept, located somewhere on the spectrum between revelry and exploration, was a revolutionary one. Taking as their starting point Bauhaus as a social utopia, Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch investigate its evolution, transformation and enduring power to inspire over the course of the last one hundred years. How can the ideas of the Bauhaus meet the challenges of global capitalism and its revolutionary reshaping of the housing market? BAUHAUS SPIRIT: 100 YEARS OF BAUHAUS takes us on a journey from the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau to visionary projects in the favelas of Latin America; from the courses taught by Bauhaus masters Kandinsky, Klee and Schlemmer to Scandinavian schools without classrooms; from Berlin’s Gropius-Stadt to the vision of a car-free metropolis.


  • ART FIFA Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, Canada (2019);