Italy 2018, 56 min.

Directed by: Andres Arce Maldonado

Instituto Italiano di Cultura Sofia

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was not only an immense artist: architect, painter, and sculptor, but he was also a passionate man who almost got to kill his brother out of love for a woman. Bernini was a visceral artist who sculpted in ecstasy and impressed to his epoch a unique style, the Baroque, as vital and unstoppable as his energy.

In a century rich of artistic ferments, Bernini met and served eight Popes, was called to the court of Louis XV, frequented artists and powerful men. We tell the life of this genius from a unique point of view, the one of Fabiano Forti Bernini, a direct descendant of the Master, who will show us a Bernini’s amazing piece of art inherited by Fabiano’s family and guide us, with warmth and passion, to uncover a wonderful Rome.

Odeon 07.04, 18:00
Lumiere Lidl 20.04, 20:30
Cinema House 22.04, 17:00
FCC – Varna 20.04, 20:30