UK (2017), 82 min.

Directed by Gerald Fox

Produced by Gerald Fox, Foxy Films

Bill Viola’s work is phenomenal and is completely suited to being viewed on the big screen. He is THE leading video artist of the century; his work is huge and intensely meta physical while also being tender and thought-provoking. To everyone who saw Bill’s two beautiful pieces at St Paul’s Cathedral, I believe he brought a new angle, a new depth to how and where art is exhibited and viewed. I’ve been friends with Bill and his wife Kira for many years; it was a joy and a revelation to work with them on this film. I wrote and directed the film over a 12-year period so it’s as much a labour of love as a documentary film about a great artist.

The film takes the audience on a fascinating journey through the spiritual oeuvre of this ground-breaking, Los Angeles-based artist. The film offers a rare insight into the creative process involved in the making of complex, large-scale video installations as well as the nature of the close working relationship between husband and wife. The film was shot on Super 16 on the deserted landscapes and deserts of California as Viola builds his epic works for St Paul’s Cathedral, and the streets of Paris and London as director/producer Gerald Fox looks back at the art and career of this seminal artist, who, since the early 1970s, has taken video art to a new level of acceptance in contemporary art

Gerald Fox started shooting the documentary as part of ITV’s “The South Bank Show” in 2005, commissioned by the film’s executive producer, Melvyn Bragg, and finished it in 2017. The first installation, “Martyrs”, shows four individuals, across four colour vertical plasma screens, being martyred by the four classical elements — the work has no sound and lasts for seven thrilling minutes. “Martyrs” was joined in 2016 by “Mary”, (left shown with Bill Viola and Kira Perov) which plays across three screens, and metaphorically depicts events in the life of the matriarch shot over the four seasons and set in the contemporary, physical world.


  • FIFA, Montreal, 2017;
  • Biografilm Festival, Bologna, 2017;
  • Bildrausch Festival, Basel, 2017;
  • Gerald Fox is a BAFTA, Prix Italia and Grierson award-winning director of arts films over many years..

Contemporary Space, Cinema Room: 28.04, 20:00
Euro Cinema: 14.04, 16:30; 17.04, 18:15
ФКЦ: 29.04, 16:00
G8: 16.04, 19:00
Lumier LIDL: 28.04, 20:00