Bulgaria, 2016, 35 min.

Director Lubomir Pechev

“Bridge to Christo” is a film that will help us understand one of the greatest artists in the art world – Cristo, born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria as Hristo Yavashev.

What stands behind his declarations of full independence and freedom of creativity? How the works of Christo and Jeanne-Claude have been born? How their temporary works last forever?. Screenwriter Evgenia Atanasova-Teneva wants to give clear answers to questions that often arouse bewilderment.

“Bridge to Cristo” shows how in the name of a completely irrational idea millions of people and involved institutionsbecome participants co-authors of temporary work of art. It becomes a social experiment on a large scale.

As Christo says:

“I do not own the work. The freedom is the enemy of the possession. The possession is equal to permanence. Nobody can buy that work; nobody can make money of that work. Like our life – it`s gone and will stay only there, somewhere…”

LUMIERE: 28.04, 16:30