(2016), 55 min., Bulgaria

Directeors: Georgi Toshev, Yavor Vesselinov
Producer: Georgi Toshev

A kitsch surrealism or a provocative grotesque?
Brutal violence or heretic abuse of religion?
The list with definitions of the work signed by world known photographer David Lachapelle can be as long as the number of the celebrities, that stood before his camera.
He is the favourite photographer of the pop stars, who count on him to have their image changed: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Eminem…
An encounter in London reveals some of David Lachapelle’s secrets.
The photographer, who knows how to provoque, surprise and scandalise the audience for more than 35 years.

Cienema Lumiere
19.04.2016 21:00ч