Argentina 2017, 65 min.

Directed by Mercedes Córdova

Embasada de la Republica Argentina

Between the XIXth and XXth centuries, the diaspora of millions of Italian emigrants defined the food influence of this nation over America. One hundred years later, what do these dishes and flavors have in common? What bond do they preserve with their Italian origin?

Gastronomic culture is the result of the movement of man looking for new forms of food. The journey of Italian food, along with large migration processes to America, prove it. Almost one hundred years after, following the tracks of il cibo and its journey to New York and Buenos Aires, we witness the foundation of a new tradition of Italian food in exile. What bond does it preserve with the original country? Can we talk about Italian food outside of Italy?


  • Festival de San Sebastian, Spain 2017
  • BAFICI, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017

Lumiere Lidl 06.04, 13:15
Euro Cinema 21.04, 15:00
G8 23.04, 20:30