Belarus (2020), 39 min.

dir. Galina Adamovich

In September 2020, the Belarusian National Theater named after Yanka Kupala celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The famous troupe was preparing for the anniversary of the theater performance “Tuteyshie” based on the play by Yanika Kupala.

But in August 2020, the presidential elections of the Republic of Belarus were held (Alexander Lukashenko became the country’s President for the sixth time).

The falsification of the results, the harsh suppression of popular protests, could not leave the actors and directors of the National Theater indifferent…

“Master of Art” Film Festival – summer edition

31 August, 2021, G8, 18:30

4 August, 2021, Cinema house, 17:00

5 September, 2021, Lucky Cinema house, 16:30