Spain 2018, 51 min.

Directed by Andreu Signes

Instituto Cervantes Sofia

What do the two most important ephemeral art events in the world have in common, and what do they have differently? The Fallas from Valencia, with more than a century of tradition, have conserved and evolved their origins over time. Much of its social fabric works throughout the year to get their art and satire on the street, with the only sense to burn it later. An annual ritual of renewal exercise at the spring equinox.

At the end of summer, 10,000 kilometers away and in the middle of the desert, stands Black Rock City, the second largest city in the state of Nevada formed by 80,000 people and that volatilizes after a week. There is room for such an eclectic artistic event, Burning Man, with firm principles of community and disinterested participation. His works of art are also set on fire. I’M Burning is a trip. A connection between two cultures through fire.

The shared life adventure of two Valencian artists, Miguel Arraiz and David Moreno, who with their principles and concerns, will establish bridges between the two events.

In the background, an inner voice, that of Crimson Rose, co-founder of Burning Man, that speaks to us about the transience of life and the sense of fire.

On the horizon, Renaissance, an artistic piece will be born from the ashes.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Best documentary
  • Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival, Canada 2018
  • Best International Art & Culture Documentary
  • Art&Tur International Tourism Film Festival, Porto, Portugal 2018
  • Scandinavian International Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland 2018
  • DOCS VALENCIA, Spain 2018

G8 07.04, 18:00
Euro Cinema 19.04, 16:30
Lumiere Lidl 21.04, 20:30
Contemporary Space – Varna 16.04, 20:30
FCC – Varna 21.04, 20:30