Bulgaria (2018), 80 min.

Directed by Borislav Kolev

Produced by PROJECTOR, Maria Landova, Borislav Kolev

Nikolai Ivanov OM is literally a one-man orchestra. He is a composer and a vocalist, he plays different instruments and develops various art projects with musicians all over the world. He lives and Sofia and Berlin, and plays at the biggest world music festivals all over the world. He plays at exotic locations like the desert in Mali. The Dogon tribesmen there liked his music so much that they offered him a house and two wives to live with them forever. His name is in the Guinness Book of World Records as a participant in the highest musical concert ever given — 5345 meters above sea level in the foothills of Mount Everest.

Nikolai Ivanov OM is also a painter. His paintings’ subjects include from naked female bodies to religious themes. He pains murals in Orthodox churches but he also searches inspiration in Far Eastern philosophies and practices. Restauration is his passion — he brings new life to old buildings.

The different creative faces of Nikolai Ivanov OM are all gathered in this film. His journey through time and space is filled with music. His adventures are shared by the violin virtuoso Venci Takev and the beatbox world champion Skiller — all involved in the amazing project Balkan Khans. With them we see other colourful artists, united by their talent and love for art. They all rise high in the sky on their way to the next exiting corner of our planet. On their way to the next jam session.

Lumier LIDL: 16.04, 18:30