Denmark (2018), 90 min.

Directors Lene Borch Hansen and Anna von Lowzow

Embassy of Denmark

The documentary about Jørn Utzon tells the personal and emotional story about the world renowned architect and his unique gift. Behind him stood the love of his life through 70 years, Lis, without whom Jørn Utzon would not have become the architect and man he was. His story is told by the people who were closest to him for decades: His children, close colleagues and friends, who all share anecdotes and experiences in an open and honest fashion. He greatly inspired the people he worked with and meeting Jørn Utzon had a profound effect on their lives.

The film is a portrait of a devoted humanitarian and a sensitive and loving soul.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (2019)
  • Architecture & Design Film Festival New York City (2019)
  • Audience Award — online edition “Master of Art” (2020)