Italy 2017, 8 min.

Directed by Duccio Brunetti

In the Solar System – our home – there are more than one hundred and fifty. Mars has two, Pluto has five, Neptune thirteen, Saturn twenty-one and Jupiter forty-seven. Only Venus and Mercury have none; why? We don’t know. What we do know is that we only have one satellite, the Moon. What if we had two? What if the Earth had sixty?“Lune” (Moons) tells the story of the luminous installation, sixty moons distributed throughout Spoleto’s historic center, that artist Giancarlo Neri did in the summer of 2017to celebrate the sixty years of the Festival of Two Worlds and its founders, Gian Carlo Menotti and Thomas Schippers.

Lumiere Lidl 10.04, 20:30
FCC – Varna 10.04, 20:00