Bulgaria (2020), 28 min.

Directed by Vilma Kartalska

Roma culture is usually associated with music, dance and songs. But what happens when a Roma girl decides to become an actress in Bulgaria? It creates a precedent.

MY GYPSY ROAD is an inspiring story about the path of the first Roma actress officially graduated in Bulgaria – Natalia Tsekova. It tells about her dreams, hopes and battles. While touring the country with her spectacle “Gypsy Wheels” in the old car of her godfather Valio, we discover the big soul of Natalia.

Between her encounters with the audience, the work, and the simple joys in life, Natalia reveals the secret behind her unusual choice of profession. Complemented by the stories of her acting coach Prof. Zdravko Mitkov, her family, the playwright Zdrava Kamenova and her friends.

We will see Natalia performing at the ghetto and as a mediator at a “gypsy school”. She will make us witnesses how people like her can keep the Roma kids in the classrooms – the actress’s personal cause.

The colorful episodes roll one after another like the towns along the way, building the image of Natalia, while she writes her personal story…

“Master of Art” Film Festival 2021