Italy (2019), 90 min.

Directed by Giacomo Gatti

Palladio is a film project dedicated to Andrea Palladio, the architect who, with his work, has become one of the reference points for the most important power buildings in the world. It is a journey to discover Palladio’s ancient world and modern legacy. The New York’s Wall Street Stock-Exchange, U.S. White House and Capitol in Washington D.C. and many other representative buildings were built directly or indirectly following the indications that the master left. Indications codified in his written work 450 years ago. It is not a historical or biographical documentary, but a film of a new genre, a documentario di tendenza. Which sees the great architect and his legacy in the contemporary world through the eyes of those who study, live and preserve his work for future generations. In particular, a university teacher in Brussels, Gregorio Carboni Maestri, tries to explain Palladian architecture and theories to his young students of “Generation Z”.