France 2017, 52 min.

Directed by Bruno Aveillan

Institut Français

The Gates of Hell is Auguste Rodin’s artistic triumph. For which he created such masterpieces as The Kiss and The Thinker. The one that occupied him for 20 years of his life… and that he never saw completed. The one that was his heaven and hell… Through the thrilling story of this door’s creation, visual artist, photographer and filmmaker Bruno Aveillan draws a fascinating portrait of the sculptor’s unrivaled esthetic quality — a sculptor who was probably the first modernist and certainly the one who gave sculpture its credibility.

In this documentary, director Bruno Aveillan focuses on the creative process behind The Gates of Hell, by Auguste Rodin. Defined as one of the most important artistic masterpieces of history, this mythical sculpture encompasses all of its creator’s secrets, as well as the intimate building blocks of his genius. In it, we see the immeasurable Rodin, forever oscillating between heaven and hell, as he would spend almost 30 years, until his last breath, without ever seeing this masterpiece consecrated – a piece reuniting all of his inspirations, his techniques, the human condition, his life as a man, and the women that he loved. Perfectly chiseled, this film is a true restoration of Rodin’s work, as it lends an innovative look at the artist from an artist’s point of view.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Rockie Award for Best Music, Performance, Arts & Variety Program
  • BANFF World Media Festival, Alberta, Canada 2018
  • ART FIFA, Montreal, Canada 2018

Cinema House 07.04, 18:00
Lumiere Lidl 10.04, 20:30
Odeon 14.04, 18:00
G8 17.04, 18:30
FCC – Varna 10.04, 20:00