Spain (2016), 87 min.

Directed by Diego Mas Trelles

Produced by Albert Solé

We are going to tell the story of the only Spaniard with two stars on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

A joyful biopic, full of music, that links two continents.

From black and white to colour, with extracts from films shot in studios by the big studios with star filled casts

We’ll pay tribute to the rise of radio and the big orchestras. We’ll recall the legendary clubs, the ballrooms in hotels and casinos shortly after the end of the prohibition.

We’ll revive the soundtracks of the great musical films and of television shows.

We’ll tell a story of romances, with gangsters, luxury cars and sets with palm trees.

A story that goes from Barcelona to Cuba, and takes in the mecca of cinema and the birth of Las Vegas to the sound of maracas

We are going to tell the incredible life of Xavier Cugat.


  • Krakow Film Festival 2016;
  • DocsBarcelona Int. Documentary Film Festival 2016;
  • Miami International Film Festival 2017.

Cine Grand: 22.04, 18:30
Euro Cinema: 13.04, 20:15
ФКЦ: 17.04, 20:00
G8: 29.04, 18:00
Lumier LIDL: 17.04, 21:00