USA (2019), 18 min.

Director BJ Bullert

A Hidden History traces the creative inspiration for the Needle’s shape back to a work of art. The story unfolds like a mystery to create a new origin story of this icon of the region. The narrative connects dance, art and architecture, and explores the creative legacies of architect Victor Steinbrueck and Seattle-born, African-American dancer, Syvilla Fort.

The film features interviews with Jeff Wright, whose family owns the Space Needle, Peter Steinbrueck, the son of the architect who put the curve in the design, and David Martin, art historian and curator at the Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds.

Two original works were commissioned for the project: a poem written and read by Seattle poet Jourdan Imani Keith called ‘A Ticket Up: For Syvilla Fort, Ballerina,’ and a dance by Nia-Amina Minor (Spectrum Dance Theatre) who choreograвphed and performed the poem. The music is by Seattle composer and cellist, Gretchen Yanover.