Italy 2018, 53 min.

Directed by Luca Galassi

Instituto Italiano di Cultura Sofia

A 17th century painting is torn into pieces by a bomb planted by the mafia in Florence in 1993. Five people died and hundreds of artworks in the Uffizi museum were damaged. The fragments of ‘The Card Players’ by the caravaggesque Bartolomeo Manfredi was considered lost forever and remained in the Uffizi deposits for 24 years, until a Florentine restorer decided to take it into her care and bring it back to life.

Euro Cinema 16.04, 18:45
G8 19.04, 17:00
Cinema House 20.04, 14:00
Lumiere Lidl 21.04, 19:00
Odeon 24.04, 18:30
FCC – Varna 21.04, 19:00