Bulgaria (2020), 90 min.

director Nayo Titzin

A play we do not often see in the repertoire of the theatre companies nowadays is the ancient Greek tragedy MEDEA. The Bulgarian actress Snezhina Petrova undertook the quite difficult task to give back to the children their due place in Euripides’ masterpiece. In 2017 she launched the social and theatrical project MEDEA aimed at integrating children issued from different minorities in Bulgaria’s two largest cities — Sofia and Plovdiv, -. For two years these children were to perform scenes from the tragedy and draw pictures based on what the father /mother conflict in the play had made them feel. The project, conceived as part of the program Plovdiv — European Capital of Culture 2019, was also joined by students from Snezhina Petrova’s theatrical class at The New Bulgarian University . It culminated in a single performance of Desislava Shpatova’s theatrical production held at The Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv. Two years of hard work, rehearsals, hopes and emotions — all of them just like the elements — , climaxed on one and only day — June 28th 2019.