Canada, Germany (2017), 46 min.

Directed by Nadja Frenz & Inge Kloepfer

Produced by Marie-Odile Demay, MODemay, Vincent TV, ARTE

As a child, Kent Nagano was touched by the passion of an exceptional music teacher. He embodied this passion and took over him the mission to transmit it to the largest public possible. The documentary film, The Mission of Kent Nagano follows his actions to reach his public wherever it stands. It follows him and his family to his hometown Morro Bay in California. It studies the «Montreal Miracle»; his work with the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra and the concrete results of the preschool program Music for Children in a public school in Montreal North. It follows him to Hamburg where he directs The Magic Flute with teenage amateur musicians with the same rigour he opens the G20 with the Hamburg Philharmonic in front of all heads of state (Trump, Trudeau, Macron, Putin, Merkel).

Key statements by Nagano that give the film its direction:

“We musicians have to demonstrate afresh every day that classical music has something to do with the reality of people’s lives, and that it is relevant to them.”

“We have to keep bringing music to the people until they find their own way to us.”

“I was not a child prodigy. My love of classical music stems from my childhood because I was lucky enough to be born into a particularly art-minded environment.

“My childhood has shown me that classical music does not need an educated bourgeoisie. It just needs one person who is able to kindle enthusiasm for it in others.”

“I love opera. Because it adds images, it can be propelled into the present even more forcefully than symphonic works.”

“I am in the process of discovering a city whose self-assured citizens gave Germany its very first opera house.”

“We have to keep bringing music to the people until they find their own way to us.”

“Music is the only stimulus that is able to activate our entire brain at once.”

“Compared with the 1960s, one could view classical music as being in a crisis. The arts have a hard time in a world that is entirely committed to cost-benefit calculations and in which any investment has to produce a return.”

“Music is there for everyone, an elitist view of music is to me like a red rag to a bull.”

Euro Cinema: 29.04, 16:00
ФКЦ: 22.04, 16:00
G8: 24.04, 19:30
Lumier LIDL: 22.04, 16:30