Bulgaria 2018, 52 min.

Directed by Vladimir Luzkanov

Author and producer: Antoaneta Bachurova

A documentary about the remarkable Bulgarian sculptor Pavel Koychev, a conceptualist who is perceived to be in the same league as Christo. In a sincere and self-ironic conversation about himself – among the white gypsum originals, situated on a village meadow, produced over fifty creative years, or while he is mending wax models in his studio – Pavel and his ‘menagerie’ everywhere around him emerge as the embodiment of the Chinese aphorism that true art looks…clumsy. Koychev, almost 80 but with the soul of a child and the energy of a teenager, invades reality armed with his utopias. These utopias may be ephemeral but they definitely leave a long-lasting mark on our minds. He shapes his imagination into three-dimensional sculptures: fairytales about a happier humanity and gracious parables about God’s miscarried design… And he wants nothing for himself.

Lumiere Lidl 09.04, 17:30
Contemporary Space – Varna 13.04, 18:30