The Treasures of William Brumfield

Russia, 2020, 52 min.

dir. Irma Кomladze

For 50 years Professor William Brumfield has been discovering Russia — for himself, for Russians, for the world… Determinedly and selflessly, without rest or time off.

The journeys of Professor William Brumfield constantly fill his treasure house, a unique collection of photographs of Russian architecture — almost 200,000 images.

For 50 years this American has been writing about Russian culture, giving lectures to Russian and American students. and spending time on the road in Russia.

For many years he has worked with the Prokudin-Gorsky Collection of early 20th-century color photographs at the Library of Congress.

76 years old, he is in love with his work and devoted to the people who help him. This film is a portrait of a fortunate person…

“Master of Art” Film festival 2021