Italy (2020), 16 min.

Director Stefano Santamato

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

The film tells the poignant story that lies behind the scenography of The Trojan Women, by Euripides, staged at Syracuse Greek Theater Festival, in Sicily, southern Italy, in summer 2019.

The famous Greek tragedy tells the aftermath of the defeat of Troy, when women were assigned as slaves to the winners and the city was set on fire. Architect and scenographer Stefano Boeri found inspiration to depict that ravaged scenery in the images of the so-called “Vaia Storm”, one of the nowadays sadly common extraordinary climate events. In one single night, in Autumn 2018, rain and wind torn down approximately 14 million trees, transforming a wonderful mountain landscape of lush woods and forests in northern Italy into an apocalyptic nightmare, with environmental consequences that will affect every aspect of life in the area for many a decades to come.

Studio Boeri has managed to recover 400 of those trunks, and from the opposite end of the Italy made them travel to Syracuse. Here, as protagonists of the scenography of the tragedy, they were given a second life.

The film tells the journey of these trunks through their own “eyes”, following them along 1500 Km, across a multiplicity of landscapes, colours and sounds, until the final staging.