Canada (2019), 36 min.

Director: Christian Fleury

By the end of the 19th century, Napoleon Sarony was not only an outstanding portraitist, but a pioneer of celebrity photography and the cultural industry. He produced the most memorable images of personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Tchaïkovski, Sarah Bernard, Verdi or Mark Twain. 125 years later, what would have been the life of Sarony?

Three Seasons of Sarony is a medium-length documentary that dares to compare the life of a 19th century pioneer with that of three present day photographers — Chris Buck, Stephanie Diani and Jocelyn Michel will discuss heartfelt stories of their beginnings, their balance between art and business and what keeps them motivated.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Louisiana, USA (2020)