Brazil (2017), 95 min.

Directed by Riccardo P Rossi

Produced by Riccardo Rossi, Valdo Mendola, Pop Filmes

Three Brazilian chefs travel around the world in search of forgotten recipes and disappearing materials and return to their country with one mission: they decide to put in each new dish equal portions of culture, history, and tradition, in order to reveal the big problems of immigration to Brazil. A meandering road movie that reveals how rich and complex fusion cuisine has truly become in the age of globalization.


  • AWARD for Best documentary feature film on International Eco & Travel Film Festival Catalonia, Spain 2017;
  • AWARD for Best Documentary — Festival Terres Catalunya, Spain 2017;
  • Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland 2017;
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2018.

Euro Cinema: 19.04, 18:30
G8: 14.04, 16:45; 18.04, 20:00
Lumier LIDL: 21.04, 12:15