Argentina 2017

Directed by Jonny Robson & Gates Bradley

Embasada de la Republica Argentina

In the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, political and social activism converge with street art to create a powerful combination of action, resistance, and beauty in the face of horror and hardship.

Buenos Aires is a complex, chaotic city. It has European style and a Latin American heart. It has oscillated between dictatorship and democracy for over a century, and its citizens have faced brutal oppression and economic disaster.

Throughout all this, successive generations of activists and artists have taken to the streets of this city to express themselves through art. This has given the walls a powerful and symbolic role: they have become the city’s voice. This tradition of expression in public space, of art and activism interweaving, has made the streets of Buenos Aires into a riot of colour and communication, giving the world a lesson in how to make resistance beautiful.


  • Hot Docs Int’l Documentary Festival, Canada – 2017

Euro Cinema 07.04, 16:00
G8 09.04, 20:15
Cinema House 18.04, 18:00
Lumiere Lidl 24.04, 20:30
Contemporary Space – Varna 10.04, 18:30
FCC – Varna 24.04, 20:30