Italy (2018) 52, min.

Directed by Marco Pianigiani

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

In “Why Do We Dance?” we cross the globe to find out what motivates and stimulates us to dance. Through the works of a cast of international and diverse choreographers, we discover the reasons and the motives behind dance. Each episode explores the question why do we dance? – and provides a possible answer: To Belong, To Tell Stories, To Touch the Soul, For Sex and To Provoke. The acclaimed choreographer Akram Khan guides us through this compelling journey, exploring each episode’s theme and giving the viewer an intimate and unprecedented look into the fascinating and complex world of dance.


  • PRIX ITALIA, Winner in the TV Performing Arts category, (2019);
  • Golden Prague International Television Festival, Czech Republic (2019);
  • ART FIFA, Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, Canada (2019);