Israel, 2018, 52 min.

Directed by Tal Pesses

Israel Embassy of Israel Sofia

Hidden behind heavy metal doors of an old Jerusalem bomb shelter, lies a tiny animation studio. Every week several children of Russian immigrants meet to create a colorful carnival of monsters and earthquakes. “Wild Kids” illuminates the subversive world of two talented teenage artists, Zalman and Aharon, through a period of adolescence as they discover their own identity. Zalman must decide whether to stay in Israel as Aharon strives for recognition of his radical artistic path. The studio leader, Max, lives art as an alternative way of life. The images they create together are integrated into their uncompromising world view.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Audience Award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2018

Lumiere Lidl 07.04, 14:30
G8 13.04, 11:00
Euro Cinema 14.04, 17:30; 20.04, 14:00