Switzerland (2019), 55 min.

Director Mathias Frick

The film ARCHITECTURE MUST BLAZE on Wolf Prix is ​​the attempt of a long overdue appreciation of the architect, city planner, visionary, provocateur and lateral thinker. Prix has revolutionized the architecture of the last and this century, he is responsible for a new critical perception of architecture and questioned its conventions. He did this not only in brilliant polemics but also in outstanding as well as unusual buildings. He argues that the architecture around us does not have to be accepted. The architect must transcend boundaries and translate social visions with architecture. To my knowledge this attitude was only implemented by Wolf Prix throughout his uncompromising and consistent oeuvre.

The impressive documentary, which goes back to the beginnings of Wolf Prix’s work, brings this exceptional personality in all its facets in words and pictures closer to the viewer. From his daredevil motorcycle rides to his radical concepts such as “Architecture must blaze.” As a brilliant speaker and teacher, he has encouraged generations of architecture students to embrace shaping our environment with courage, as well as a strong sense of social and cultural responsibility.

This film, which illustrates both the strong personal attitude of Wolf Prix, is also a document of architectural history. In addition, the filmmaker Mathias Frick has achieved a sensitive view of one of the great personalities of contemporary architecture: a road movie through an adventurous life.