Germany 2017, 95 min.

Directed by André Schaefer

Goethe Institut

he film YOU´LL NEVER WALK ALONE tells the story of a song, that has become the epitome of a global folk song. Each and every weekend, hundreds of thousands of football fans sing it in stadiums all over the world. You´ll never walk alone has been interpreted by Judy Garland, Louis Armstrong, Mahilia Jackson, Johnny Cash, The Three Tenors – and many more.

But who would know that the roots of the tune go back to Budapest in the year 1909 – to a young playwright and a stage play called Liliom? We will re-experience the journey the song took from here on, and with it enter a number of different worlds: The sophisticated and artistic social circle of the Habsburg empire, the flamboyance of Berlin in the 1920s, the high-gloss of Hollywood of the 40s and 50s, working-class Liverpool in the 60s – and global football fan culture.

On the way we meet a variety of characters, who all share a part of the story behind this unique song. Jacques d’Amboise, Fritz Lang and Brian Epstein play minor rolls. The real stars of the film are people like the Hungarian-Jewish writer Ferenc Molnár, the revolutionary musical duo Oscar Hammerstein & Richard Rodgers and Gerry Marsden from the Merseybeat group Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Like many great works of art You´ll never walk alone is a collaboration – an Austro-Hungarian-German-US-American-British co-production, that reflects more then a century of cultural history. And the story of the song is still ongoing, as You´ll never walk alone is still regularly performed in various contexts all over the world.


  • DOK.fest, Munich, Germany 2017

G8 06.04, 20:00; 14.04, 19:15
Lumiere Lidl 22.04, 18:30
Lucky Cinema home 22.04, 19:00
FCC – Varna 22.04, 18:30