Switzerland, Spain (2016) 79 min.

Directed by Arantxa Aguirr

Poduced by Fondation Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Fondation Maurice Béjart, López-Li Films.

A masterful presentation of music and dance, a dazzling immersion and unique look at the staging of the ballet by the Béjart Ballet Lausanne of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Dancing Beethoven presents us with the history of the piece, the challenges of this multicultural representation, the rehearsals with the methodical and hard work of the dancers, and the multilayered complexity and excitement of the collaboration between the Béjart Ballet, the Tokyo Ballet and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta, in their journey to achieve the breathtaking result of one of the most successful and powerful events in ballet of the XXI century.


  • Goya Awards 2018 — Nomination for Best Documentary;
  • Forqué Awards 2018 — Nominated to the Best Documentay.

Cine Grand: 26.04, 18:30
ФКЦ: 12.04, 20:00
Lucky — Дом на киното: 12.04, 19:30
Lumier LIDL: 12.04, 20:00
Odeon: 17.04, 19:30