Italia 2018, 63 min.

Directed by Ottavio Rosati

Instituto Italiano di Cultura Sofia

Dresses that are masterpieces and not simple clothes, fabrics like materials to be molded, silhouettes like geometric shapes. The tailor-designer Roberto Capucci is considered one of the most important designers of the 20th century. He created unusual, sculpted dresses in original materials. He has bewitched the fashion world and has, since his debut, been featured in shows representing most talented and renowned designers.

Only 26 years old, he was considered the best designer of the Italian fashion, and in 1958 he created the “Linea a Scatola” (Box Line), an artistic and stylistic revolution.

For this innovative proposal, he received, in 1958, the Boston Fashion Award (Filene’s Young Talent Design Award) as the best creator of fashion along with Pierre Cardin and James Galanos.

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