Switzerland (2017) 76 min.

Directed by Michel Rodde

Produced by On The Rodde Again Films, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Michel Rodde, Pierre-Alain Frey

For some artists, it is irrelevant to know about one’s life to apprehend a work of art. For Kokoschka one inevitably mirrors the other and a work of art would not be complete if the life that feeds it was not brought to light. There would be something missing. Film allows us to synthesize; therein lies its power. This is in fact the film’s main virtue. Thanks to the images and sounds, through a 90-minute continuum, all these flashes, these detours, these different styles, these changes in direction, these accidents along the way and the influence of history mingling with suffering and intimate joy, finally create a single painting. A subjective view of how I see the moving and unfulfilled path of an exemplary man. What’s more, fiction interposes itself and gives the film it’s emotional dimension. There is no gloss, no evidence of knowledge or connoisseurship, no external intervention that would break the thread, break the mood. Throughout the film, you will be immersed in Kokoschka’s world. Although Kokoschka was classified by art historians as being the purest and most powerful of expressionist painters, his diverse and abundant work cannot be summed up by this one movement. The strength and uniqueness, the tragedy in Kokoschka’s paintings, are also the result of a long life. ‘A thousand and one lives on a lonely road’ might summarize the artistic career of Oskar Kokoschka.

Cine Grand: 16.04, 18:30
Contemporary Space, Cinema Room: 18.04, 18:00
Euro Cinema:16.04, 18:00; 22.04, 15:30
G8: 21.04, 17:30; 26.04, 17:30
Lumier LIDL: 18.04, 18:15
Odeon: 21.04, 14:30