Netherlands, 2016, 56 min.

Director John Albert Jansen

“Exile is like standing naked before a rapidly alienating world.”


NasimKhasar is a man between two worlds. He is the personification of the wound called “exile”. One could say that, with his beautiful stories about alienation and endless longing, he is constantly ripping open that wound. The film Song of exile is about longing and being uprooted, and will rest on the two poles of Utrecht/Europe and Iran. His country may have been in the clutches of a dictatorship for a long time, but that’s where his happiness lies. Since he still can’t go back, we will go with him through Turkey to Van and the Iranian border, the reversed path he took some 35 years ago. With in our knapsack photos and memories, objects and passages from his books, which are rather more contemplative than descriptive.

Nederlands Film Festival (2016)

G8 CINEMA: 30.04, 17:45
ODEON: 25.04, 18:30
LUMIERE: 29.04, 17:00
EURO CINEMA: 21.04, 20:45