Germany (2022), 45 min.

dir. Katharina Pethke and Christoph Rohrscheidt

Do computer-generated figures now look as “real” as “genuine” humans? For 26-year-old Lale, this question is not only exciting in theory, but in practice.

She works as a model but would rather spare herself exhausting shoots by getting an avatar.

But when she has taken the first steps towards “doubling” herself, she has second thoughts. What does it mean, in actual, legal and moral terms, to bring a virtual duplicate of oneself into the world?

Katharina Pethke accompanies her young protagonist on this process. The intellectual game turns into a test on the living subject, a weighing of possibilities and fears. What does it mean for our perception of the world (and for documentary film, too, of course) that the promise of reality of visual media has long since become a gradual one?

In the age of omnipresent self-dramatization, deepfakes and extended reality, we are embarking on a journey to our joint (media) future. It’s no coincidence that it ends at a place that already inspired Plato’s ideas on reality and its shadows.

“Master of Art” Film Festival 2023

  • Sofia, Cinema House, 20 February 2023, 17:00 часа
  • Sofia, Cinema G8, 23 фFebruary 2023, 18:30 часа