Germany (2016), 72 min.

Directed by Isabel Gathof

Produced by Isabel Gathof, Feinshmeker Film

For the first time ever a documentary feature is dedicated to Moritz Daniel Oppenheim — ‘the painter of the Rothschilds and the Rothschild of painters’ — who made history being credited as the first Jewish painter of the modern era and an icon of Jewish emancipation in Germany. Together with his bestseller — the depictions of traditional Jewish family life — great achievements of 19th century German Jewry fell into oblivion. Young filmmaker Isabel Gathof is seeking Oppenheim’s traces in Germany, France and Israel on the occasion of the world’s first monument set up for the artist in his hometown Hanau, close to Frankfurt. Imposing images show the becoming of an artist, a phoenix rising from the ashes — represented by his steel alter ego — blurring the lines between the past and the present on two narrative levels. An ambitious fusion of electronic sounds and classical music forms the film music soundtrack — reminiscing the work of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, a contemporary artist of Oppenheim’s époque.


  • Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Israel 2017;
  • Nominated for the Film Prize of Hesse (“Hessischer Filmpreis”), Frankfurt, Germany, 2017;
  • Official selection: Jewish Film Festival Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2017;
  • Jewish International Film Festival AUSTRALIA (Sydney & Melbourne);
  • Moscow Jewish Film Festival;
  • Odessa Jewish Film Festival;
  • Miami Jewish Film Festival.

Euro Cinema: 15.04, 19:30
ФКЦ: 25.04, 20:00
G8: 19.04, 18:45
Lumier LIDL: 25.04, 20:45