Spain (2017), 70 min.

Directed by José Manuel Gómez Vidal

Produced by Bernabé Rico, TALYCUAL

“Murillo’s Last Journey” is a must-see documentary for art lovers. We delve into the world of the Sevillian Baroque master painter, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. He underwent a calculated spoliation that scattered most of his work around the world’s top museums. Enrique Valdivieso, an Art History guru with expertise in 17th century paintings; Guillaume Kientz, curator of the Louvre Museum; and Gabriele Finaldi, director of the National Gallery of London, they all will counterweigh his figure with that of his comrade Velázquez, witnessing the round trip from Paris to Seville by one of his most celebrated pieces: “The young beggar”.

Murillo’s legacy is all the more important, because in 2018, the 4th Centenary celebration of his birth will be held. Therefore, the City of Seville together with other international entities and institutions such as UNESCO, Louvre Museum and National Gallery of London will hold a series of cultural activities for 2018 and the coming to give to know his important work.


  • Seville European Film Festival, Spain 2017.

Lumier LIDL: 14.04, 15:15
Odeon: 22.04, 15:45