Italy (2017), 42 min.

Directed by Sebastiano Tronchetti

Produced by Sebastiano Tronchetti, MATAERIA

The inhabitants of Versilia, and of the Pietrasanta area in particular, have been molding the matter since prehistory. It was during the Medicean age that Lorenzo the Magnificent decided to send Michelangelo here to find the best statuary marble for the monuments and the buildings that were to embody the grandness of Florence, capital of the Renaissance world. Thus, the coming of Buonarroti started a business that passed on from father to son until the present day, and that spread beyond marble to bronze, mosaic, pottery and china, turning Pietrasanta into the international capital of artistic craftsmanship. Along the centuries, from the flooring in the cathedral of Notre Dame to the marquetry for the reconstruction of Windsor Castle, from the mausoleum of Evita and Juan Perón to the works of Henry Moore, the creative spirit in the hands of these people has generated art and architecture masterpieces that spread out in the world and made Italy famous for its aesthetic ability: in other words, the ability to shape and give meaning to the inert matter. This is a story that very few know and one that we want to tell, for this is what Italy is: a place where exceptional yet unknown people have exported Beauty worldwide and where such artists as Fernando Botero, Igor Mitoraj, Kan Ya Suda, Vangi and many others are still living or staying today, to interact with these exceptional people.

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