Iraq (2019), 26 min.

Directed by Hawraz Muhamed and Nabaz Ahmed

The film tells of Kurdish photographer Haji Kak Awla, who lived in areas of Iraqi Kurdistan that became witnesses of the 1986-1989 Anfal Genocide, which took the lives of between 50 000 and 180 000 Kurds. Over the years he did many photographic portraits of the locals before they were killed. Many years later these unseen photographs accidentally end up in the hands of a man named Hemin, who decides to seek out the relatives of the people in the pictures. With every photo there are touching stories. For example, an old man and an old woman lost their five children in 1988 and have no pictures. Thirty years later, they are able to see pictures of their five children.

Festivals and Awards:

  • Manifesto Film Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2019)
  • History Film Festival, Rejka, Croatia (2019)
  • Audience Award – Short – online edition “Master of Art” (2020)